Upgrade to Ubuntu 20.10

Recently released a new version of Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla. This is not an LTS release, so the system will only be supported for nine months. If you install it, you will have to upgrade to the next version very soon.

This version updated the kernel to 5.8 and updated the Gnome shell to 3.38, which brought support for new hardware and some interface innovations. Read more about what’s new in this release in a separate article, and today we’ll talk about how to update Ubuntu to 20.10.

  • Update Ubuntu to 20.10
    • Step 1. Update
    • Step 2. Setup version
    • Step 3. Launch the update
    • Step 4. Configure the keyboard
    • Step 4. Deleting packages
    • Step 5. Reboot
    • Step 6. Done
  • Conclusions

Update Ubuntu to 20.10

Step 1. Update

The first step is to update the system itself to the latest version. This is necessary because otherwise the update Manager will not allow you to do anything. First update the list of packages from the repositories:

sudo apt update

Then perform a full update:

sudo apt full-upgrade

Step 2. Setup version

Most likely, you are upgrading from Ubuntu 20.04, and the default LTS version only wants to update to the next LTS version. To fix this, open the /etc/upgrade-manager/release-upgrades file and change the value of the Prompt parameter from lts to normal:

sudo vi /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades

Step 3. Launch the update

Then you can proceed to launch the update. Run the following command:

sudo do-release-upgrade -d

And when the program asks if you really want to update, click y or d:

Then press Enter several times to start the update. The update itself can take from half an hour to several hours. Depending on your Internet connection speed and hardware capacity.

Step 4. Configure the keyboard

During the update process, the system will ask you to select a key that will switch the keyboard layout in the system:

Step 4. Deleting packages

After the update is complete, you must delete the packages that are no longer needed. Confirm this action:

Step 5. Reboot

When all the extra packages are removed, you will only need to restart the system. Click y or d again, or restart the system manually:

Step 6. Done

After rebooting, you will find yourself in an already updated system. To make sure of this open the utility Parameters and itemAbout the system at the bottom of the screen:


In this short article, we looked at how to update Ubuntu 20.10 using the terminal. Similarly, you can do everything using graphical utilities, but this method seems more reliable to me. Have you already updated to 20.10? Are you planning to update? Write in the comments!

Source: losst.ru

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